At Hostel Villa Cabreros, we want to give back to you.

We think it's important to reward our customers; and who doesn't like a good freebie? Through our app, we reward customers who stay with us multiple nights using a points system.

For every night that you stay with us at one of our locations, you earn a star in the Blazing Saddles Holidays app. When you have accumulated six stars within the app, we'll give you a seventh night on us.

Download our loyalty app today!

How does it work?

Download our app and every time you stay a night at one of our locations you'll earn a "star". Collect six stars and you'll get a seventh night free at that particular location.*

Terms and Conditions
Now comes the bit that nobody likes; the terms and conditions. Here we'll just clarify a few conditions of this offer so everything is black and white for you as a valued customer.

- For obvious reasons, it is impossible to offer a free night to the customer at a location that is more expensive than the accommodation in which the majority of stars was earned. For example, if you stayed in one of our hostels and earned most of your stars there, it would not be possible to offer you a free night at one of our villas - due to the notable differences in price of rental between the two properties.

- If any of the property staff members do not see fit to give you a seventh night free (due to reasons such as property damage caused at your hand, misconduct or a manipulation of the Terms and Conditions etc.) then their word is final and must be respected by our customers.

- This offer does not hold any cash value, and may only be used to redeem a free night at a specified property; not used for any of our other products or services.